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Guest Post: The More Things Change, The Farther They Get From Borders
Courtesy of my friend Christie from Gaming Girls Want.

Until I moved away from home to start college, the nearest bookstore was more than 50 miles away at a shopping mall that, even if it was still standing today, couldn’t compete with a WalMart. I can still picture that bookstore, picture myself walking through the door, remembering the elation at having six dollars in my pocket when we visited there. Probably enough for two books.

It wasn’t a big bookstore, but it was better than the offering of V.C. Andrews paperbacks at the local discount department store by a country mile. It was full of books, and only books. No furry-topped pencils, or stationary, or lap desks. The selection of books that appealed to little girls – typical little girls or, like me, atypical – was laughable compared to today’s embarrassment of riches. But for me, it was not unlike the field of poppies that Dorothy and her friends encounter on the way to Oz.

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A Frustrated Parent vs. School Bureaucracy (and then some)

Hey, so my posts here are few and far between, partially because I just can't let LJ go.  It's a sentimental thing, yo.  In any case, some pretty major nonsense is going on in my household right now.  Or rather, between my household and the school district.

Those who've already read that particular magnum opus may leave class early and go get a Slurpee.  (Bring me one.)  Those who just can't face all those words can sidle across the hall and watch the Welcome to Genricon Videos I made and tell me if they're true to life or not.

But leave comments there, would you?  Thanks.

Welcome to GeneriCon

Been making and posting videos based on many years' convention experience.  They're posted over on my blog, Vox Apocrypha and are, in order:

Welcome to GeneriCon - Artist's Alley: Day 1

Welcome to GeneriCon - No Reservations

Welcome to GeneriCon - Artist's Alley: A Table Divided


Any resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely intentional.  Names/faces have been changed to protect me from the irritating.  If you have a comment or critique, please leave it at the blog.  Thank you.

Advice to Young Writers Series

Over at my G-rated blog, A Mythspent Youth, I've got an ongoing series giving writing advice to the younger set.  (I've just posted the latest installment dealing with character names.)  If you know of any aspiring young writers who might benefit, please pass this post along.

On the Craft of Writing

Naming Your Characters
5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Dialogue
The Business: An Object Lesson
On Ruthlessness
On Research
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